This is not a website but a web application for artists and curators that allows you to establish a relationship with a vast network of public institutions in Europe. To start using the tools you need to REGISTER



This tool which will help in restoring the natural relationships in a culture that rely today on a quest for grants. Use this page to artists to create projects and look for them the possibility of implementing institutions. So we go from model to model art curator at the Auror, and no officer is the creator of culture. The author creates a project, written and consists of a proposal for implementation in selected institutions. The institutions are gaining a lot of projects that can catalog and organize, evaluate and choose the ones they want to accomplish. A proposal can send everyone so try to project looked specifically. Describe the technical details and the general idea is not forgetting something like a cost estimate.

We are not interested in creating another virtual gallery or shop, or selling your art. We are interested in a real influence on culture through institutions that are the only sensible promoter of culture. We want to create an environment that integrates people of culture and activating not only the centers, but each local authority, which would allow real promotion and implementation of the idea of artists. We want to show that the institutions in the periphery are also involved in a real dialogue between the artists and other participants in the culture. We are planning a number of facilities in matters of negotiation and planning events and projects, all of which can be, but you will not need to use. We focus on real contact.

What happened after the registration? You have become a user of a giant database of the European institutions and you can use it. Describe your project, attach photos and save mail. Select the profile of the relevant institutions to which you want to send information and make them a target, or use ready-public groups. Import your own contacts to a private group, go back and take a look again at your messages that you send in a moment, and set what and who to send. You can track the status - to check whether they have been read, by whom. In addition, everything you send will go to open archive on our website and will provide your business card.




Please accept terms of service: system with no warranty, delivered in state as it is.